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Swelling in your lower legs can lead to nocturia.

Have you noticed your legs are more swollen at the end of the day? Or do you have a diagnosis that causes fluid retention? This can affect how often you are up at night to urinate. To decrease fluid/swelling in the legs, the best position is laying down with your feet above your heart level. [...]

Products to help with painful intercourse.

It may take time for your muscles to relax before intercourse is no longer painful. Here are some suggestions to help in the meantime! The Ohnut is a soft and squishy ring placed around your partner that limits the depth of penetration. You can add as many or few rings as you need. Dilators can [...]

What to know about pelvic organ prolapse.

Being diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse can sound scary and cause anxiety, but we are here to help. There are 4 levels of prolapse: grade 1 is described as minimal change in the bladder positioning, grade 2 is 1 cm above or below the level of the hymen, grade 3 is level with the vaginal [...]

Concussions and their effect on pelvic floor tightness.

Even if the concussion happened years ago, it can affect the overall resting tone of your body including the pelvic floor. Your body’s natural response after a mild brain injury is to raise levels of creatine kinase. Creatine kinase causes inflammation in the muscles and limits their ability to recover. Because pelvic floor muscles are [...]

My scar is 10+ years old, it can’t be causing my symptoms now, can it?

Yes! Scar tissue does not go away without working on it. Any muscle/fascia the scar tissue is attached to is now limited by the inelasticity of the scar tissue. Previous c-section or hysterectomy scars can cause urgency and incontinence because it limits how much the bladder can stretch. Symptoms can present themselves years later due [...]

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